Greenbrier Maxion

Forklift Ergonomics Provide Operators With All-Day Comfort and Safety

Improved Operator Comfort & Safety

Increased Operator Comfort

Ergonomic features, such as adjustable steering and full-suspension seat, enable operators to adjust the lift to their liking and help protect them from shock and vibration.

Improved safety

Improved visibility enables operators to clearly see the position of the forks and has improved safety by reducing impacts with warehouse racking.

Improved Accessibility of Tools

Flexible and convenient Work Assist accessories provide storage for clipboards and scanners, helping to protect the equipment while providing easy access in a familiar location.

“Today our employees are happy to work on the truck because they know that the truck has good ergonomics. It is comfortable.”


Marcos Humberto

Greenbrier Maxion Logistics Supervisor, Hortolândia-SP


Greenbrier Maxion Logistics Supervisor


Greenbrier Maxion, built as a joint venture of the Brazilian company Iochpe-Maxion and American companies Amsted Rail and Greenbrier, is the largest railroad operation in South America. The company is a world leader in producing railcars and wheel trucks as well as providing services for the rail industry. Located in Hortolândia-SP, the company’s facilities total 951,4 square meters and employs more than 1,300 employees.



Greenbrier Maxion’s forklift operators must deal with several challenges while on the job, essentially spending the entire day in the operator’s compartment of the lift truck. There are a large number of train rails that run throughout its facility and traveling over these rails almost continuously throughout the day had resulted in significant shock and vibration transferring to the operator through the steering column. The lack of comfort influenced on operator’s performance. Operators also utilize many tools while on the forklift, which were difficult to store and access when needed. The company hoped to find a forklift solution that provided better ergonomics for its operators, helping them to experience greater confidence and less fatigue.


Greenbrier acquired 32 new trucks, including C-5 Series and ESR Series forklifts to handle its material handling requirements. The adjustable steering and full suspension seats allow the operators to adjust the truck to their individual needs while protecting them from shock and vibration. Better visibility has resulted in fewer impacts between the forks and racking, which also improves safety throughout the operation. The fleet was also outfitted with Work Assist® accessories to provide operators with safe and accessible storage of their clipboards, scanners and other tools that are frequently accessed throughout the day.