WB Series Counterbalance Walkie Stacker

The Versatile and Efficient Walkie Stacker

The Crown WB Series is a cost-efficient stacker that combines the versatility of a counterbalanced forklift with the operational benefits of a pedestrian stacker.

Crown WB series walkie counterbalance stacker
The WB series counterbalance stacker durable drive unit

Unmatched Durability

Counterbalanced walkie stackers can be found working on loading docks, in stock rooms and on manufacturing floors, where durability and dependability are crucial.  The WB Series counterbalance stacker is built to keep pace in these tough, fast-paced environments.

The Crown-built drive unit is built to withstand the constant starts, stops, direction changes and impacts encountered when crossing dock levelers, expansion joints and rough floors. 

The frame features generous amounts of heavy-gauge steel with added structural supports at high stress points. Steel power unit doors provide increased protection to internal components.

Powerful Performance Under Control

The WB Series counterbalanced walkie stacker features a large, powerful drive unit and a choice of two control systems to deliver the desired level of performance.

The field-proven control handle features urethane covered twist grips with dual textures and a unique cam to provide secure, comfortable steering control and improved travel activation.

The WB series walkie stacker features a heavy-duty control handle for comfortable steering
Crown's WB series counterbalance stacker is cost-efficient and reliable

WB Series Counterbalance Stacker Offers Exceptional Reliability and Value

The WB Series counterbalance stacker's design has stood the test of time. From the rugged control handle and drive unit to the robust power unit frame and mast, you can count on proven reliability and lasting value.

Crown’s focus on serviceability makes routine maintenance and repairs quick and easy, so downtime is minimized.    

With Crown’s unique vertically integrated manufacturing and comprehensive aftermarket services, you can expect increased uptime and the lowest cost of ownership.

WB Series Model Types

WB Series Counterbalance Walkie Stacker
Counterbalance Walkie Stacker

The WB counterbalance stacker is designed for loading and unloading trailers and handling odd size loads. 

Options and Accessories

The keyless on/off switch eliminates problems and expense with broken or lost keys.

WB Series counterbalance stacker keyless on/off switch

The sideshifter allows operators to easily reposition loads.

WB Series walkie stacker sideshifter option

Drive tire options accommodate virtually any application need. 

WB Series counterbalance stacker drive tires options