Training Course

Forklift: Experienced Operator

Experienced training

Course Overview

This certificate program is suited for experienced lift truck operators that have been previously certified and require a renewal of their certificate to comply with CSA Standards and Guidelines.

Course Content
Theory: 4-hour session
  • Introduction
  • Review of legislation, standards and guidelines
  • Overview of principles of design (stability)
  • Pre-operational inspection (in-class and on-floor)
  • Review safe operating guidelines
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Fuel source (propane and battery)
  • Summary
  • Written test
Practical: One operator per session

These sessions are conducted in actual work environment when possible. Require up to one hour per person per piece of equipment, depending on application.

  • Pre-operational check
  • Starting, stopping, steering
  • Accurate maneuvering
  • Loading/unloading
  • Proper load placement
  • Fuel source (battery/propane)
  • Competency test