SC Series Sit-Down Forklift

More Value and Versatility

This Crown forklift delivers the power, manoeuvrability and dependability to satisfy the demands of both the application and the operator. Attention to detail, advanced engineering, a solid foundation and task-focused ergonomics – that’s the ideal balance you find on the SC 6000. You can choose from 3- and 4-wheel models with capacities from 1.3 to 2.0 tons.

SC 6000 Series lift trucks
SC 6000 Forklift in an outdoor application

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Forklift in Action

A Personal Approach

Whether they work indoors or out, the SC 6000 Series forklift provides a work environment that makes the operator’s life easier.

Three cabin options – partial, soft and hard cabin – are available to fit any weather condition.

operator on Crown's SC 6000 series lift truck with hard cabin

The SC 6000 forklift offers outstanding visibility in all directions – with or without a cabin.

inside the SC 6000 series operator compartment

Fingertip controls allow blending of up to 4 functions.    

Dual-lever controls are ideal for use with gloves.

Manual levers are positioned offset with tactile feedback switch.             

operator controls on the SC 6000 series

Crown’s exclusive forktip indicators on top and bottom of forks allow for better pallet alignment.

view of the top of the SC 6000 series lift truck

Operators easily get on or off the forklift due to the low step height, spacious floorboard, sculpted seat deck, contoured overhead guard and superior head clearance.

Operator climbing off of the SC 6000 counterbalance lift truck
operator on Crown's SC 6000 series lift truck with hard cabin
Operator moving pallets on the SC6000 Series

Legendary Robustness

You can see it in the smallest detail because we engineer our forklift trucks for exceptional reliability.

  • Nested I-beam masts to minimise longitudinal, lateral and torsional flexibility.
  • Integrated side-shift featuring a carriage that shields the cylinders and helps prevent hydraulic oil leaks.
  • Crown designed and built electric motors with the highest thermal rating in the industry. 
  • Symmetrical box frame construction to eliminate frame distortion caused by impacts of the forklift. 
  • Rugged steer axles feature heavy-duty tapered roller bearings to withstand the stress of rough surfaces and dock boards.

Proactive Systems

Ever-changing working conditions hold the risk of damage and injury. The SC 6000 forklift offers a number of proactive systems optimising safety, efficiency and performance.

Crown's Intrinsic Stability System uses integrated sensors and controllers to constantly monitor and control key functions and movements. It leverages the truck's inherent engineered stability to optimise safety and performance.

Our patent-pending mast staging and cushioning system also helps operators keep control of the moving load at all times. So even when they aren't thinking about safety, the truck is providing it.

Move with ease in applications with the SC600 Series
Service technician performing service on the SC6000 Series


Crown’s Access 1 2 3 technology provides instant, on-board diagnostics of all forklift systems for simplified service. lt gives operators confidence through real-time monitoring and management of truck systems.  

e-GEN Braking delivers performance, service and cost advantages by eliminating the traditional friction brake. This enables variable motor braking for specific conditions and reduces pedal effort and long-term maintenance requirements. 

For easy and quick battery service the SC 6000 forklift offers top battery access, plus lift-out and side-out options. Our unique battery transfer system (BTS 1000) allows one person to quickly change batteries.

A Multipurpose Forklift to Meet Your Needs

Crown gives you more value and versatility in a multipurpose truck. Tailor the SC 6000 forklift to meet your needs. Whether it's a 3-wheel or a 4-wheel model, each gives you a distinct edge on stability and manoeuvrability.

SC 6000 Model Types

3-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift
SC 5700 3-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift

The SC Series three-wheel forklift offers a zero turning radius and is available with a headlength as low as 1740 mm allowing use in the tightest spaces.

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  • Load Capacity

    1300 - 2000 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    7490 mm

  • Load Center

    500 mm

  • Power (Electric)

    48 V / 330 - 750 Ah

  • Width Overall

    1070 - 1129 mm

4-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift
SC 6200 4-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift

The SC Series four-wheel forklift offers the handling and stability of a larger forklift but allows for manoeuvrability in congested areas.

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  • Load Capacity

    1600 - 2000 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    7490 mm

  • Load Center

    500 mm

  • Power (Electric)

    48 V / 550 - 750 Ah

  • Width Overall

    1070 - 1129 mm

Key Options and Accessories

Multiple cabin options allow the SC Series to perform in virtually any weather condition.

SC Series with soft cabin

The travel light package includes headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals and reflectors to provide additional visibility for both operators and pedestrians.

Travel light package for better visibility

The integrated sideshifter features a carriage that shields the cylinders and helps prevent hydraulic oil leaks.

Integrated sideshifter

Work Assist Accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

SC Series work assist accessories
SC Series with soft cabin