The Right Pallet Truck
At the Right Price

now available with

V-Force Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries

Integrated Charger
Compact Design
Safer and Easier Maintenance
Robust Steel Covers
transpaleta eléctrica WP 3010
pallet truck WP 3010 benefits

What Are The Main Advantages?

Integrated Charger
Allows easy charging of the battery during breaks. Standard AC plug can be connected to any conventional power outlet.

5-Year Warranty
Crown is confident to include a 5-year warranty on the steel frame and forks.

Increased Autonomy
Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density, which translates into greater autonomy.

Safer, Easier Maintenance with V-Force Lithium
Compact lithium-ion batteries are maintenance-free. The need to refill the battery is eliminated and employees are spared exposure to harmful acids and vapors.

Designed for Compatibility

Loading and Unloading at Docks
Truck Delivery Tasks
Replenishment in Supermarkets and Stores
Handling of Goods in Confined Spaces

Also Available with Lead-Acid Battery 

transpaleta eléctrica WP 3010 - bateria compacta

Total Width: 720 mm

Load Capacity
: 1600 kg

Max. Lifting Height
: 211 mm


Power Supply (Electric): 24 V / 74 - 150 Ah

Length of Traction Unit
: 500 mm


Length of Forks: 800 - 1400 mm

transpaleta eléctrica WP 3010 - bateria compacta

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