A Hand Pallet Truck with
Exceptional Long-Term Value

With superior build quality, serviceability and durability,
the Crown PTH Series hand pallet truck is designed to excel in the toughest warehouse applications.

With up to 2300 kg capacity, the PTH Series hand pallet truck delivers smooth and quiet operation and easy handling.

PTH hand pallet truck special offer
hand pallet truck 3 year warranty

Benefits include:

Solid construction and generous use of strong steel:

especially at critical stress points – marries long-lasting performance with easy-to-use control features and low maintenance requirements.

The ergonomically designed, reinforced control handle

eases operator fatigue during long shifts, while the steer and loadwheels provide low rolling resistance and easy manoeuvring, even in the tightest of warehouse spaces.

Self-lubricating bushings

easily replaceable pump valve cartridges and snap rings to connect push rods to the liftlinkage assembly all help minimise maintenance and extend the PTH Series’ lifecycle.

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* Terms and Conditions

The guarantee only applies to the PTH 50 model (without scissors). The 3-year warranty periodbegins with delivery to the original purchaser. The warranty covers only: pump assembly, frame,handle, lift linkage and push rod weldments. To obtain warranty service, the unit must be returnedto an authorised Crown dealer with proof of purchase. Reimbursement of transportation and freightcharges and the customer’s own labour is excluded. A warranty claim is void if the vehicle has notbeen regularly and professionally cared for and maintained, taking into account the conditions of use.