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Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries

Integrated On-Board Charger
Extended Run Time
Safer and Easier Maintenance
pallet truck with li-ion battery special offer
pallet truck WP 3010 benefits

The Compact Pallet Truck

The WP 3010 Series delivers all the benefits of a strong, robust powered pallet truck in a compact design - suitable for kerbside deliveries, transport on lorries, as well as tight retail applications.

WP 3010 Special Offer - Specifications 

Battery: 105 Ah / 24 V
Opportunity charging
Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI)
Load Capacity
: 1600 kg
Forks: 1150 x 170 x 540 mm

The Benefits of V-Force
Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries

Integrated On-Board Charger

The integrated on-board charger allows for easy charging of the batteries during a break (opportunity charging). The standardised AC power plugs can be connected to common power sockets.

Extended Run Time

Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density, often resulting in longer run time versus lead-acid batteries.

Safer and Easier Maintenance

V-Force lithium-ion compact batteries are maintenance-free, eliminating the need for battery watering and avoiding the exposure of your employees to harmful acid and vapour.

the pallet truck WP 3010 is available with li-ion compact batteries

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* Terms and Conditions

Non-binding offer is valid for new orders until 31.12.2021, only for a WP 3010 with the listed specifications. Pricing for other WP 3010 models with different specifications and options vary. Price includes free delivery to a site in the UK. This offer is limited by availability. Crown may change and terminate the offer without prior notice. General terms and conditions apply.