WAV Series

Multi-purpose at Multi-levels

The WAVE Work Assist Vehicle delivers significant savings through enhanced productivity, application versatility and increased safety.

Crown's WAV Work Assist Vehicle is a productivity and safety solution for any application

Work Twice as Fast 

The Work Assist Vehicle is a revolutionary, mobile productivity tool that allows one person to safely and efficiently accomplish the work of two – reaching heights up to 17’.

With the WAVE, operators can travel up to 4 mph – twice as fast as the average walking speed – and elevate simultaneously for smoother, more efficient workflows.

The WAVE is easily charged via a standard 110V power outlet. Battery maintenance is easy and can be eliminated with maintenance-free batteries.

Operator on a WAVE WorkAssist Vehicle from Crown
Operator on the WAVE WorkAssist Vehicle in a store application

Limitless Applications 

Any application involving the movement of people or products can benefit from the WAVE’s time and labor saving advantages.

The WAVE is ideal for picking, restocking, transportation, fulfillment and facility maintenance in retail, manufacturing and distribution. 

The WAVE’s compact size and exceptional maneuverability allows operators to navigate through spaces as narrow as 36 inches.

A Safer Way to Move 

The WAVE helps employees avoid sprains, strains and potential falls associated with lifting and carrying heavy loads.  

The WAVE’s intelligent control system keeps the operator working through the task securely and confidently. It monitors and reports on the operators’ travel conditions, controlling steering, braking and lift/lower operations.

All safety controls work together to ensure the safety of your operators at any height.

Photo of the handle on the WAV WorkAssist Vehicle
Man utilizing the WAV WorkAssist Vehicle to stock items in a warehouse setting.

Productivity that Pays for Itself    

Experience easy start-up, reduced product damage, increased productivity gains and decreased labor cost.

The WAVE can double productivity, cutting operational expenses in half by turning many two-person jobs into one-person jobs without compromising safety.

WAVE customers report a complete return on investment within the first year of purchase.

WAV Series Model Types


The WAV Series is designed to elevate one operator and a load up to 17 feet and navigate tight aisles and doorways. Accomplish tasks with one person that traditionally required the work of two people with the WAV.

Key Options and Accessories

Programmable travel and lift/lower alarms may alert others to the movement of a lift truck in the area.

Strobe lights can be used to emphasize the presence of a lift truck in the area.

The retractable charger cord reel enhances the convenience of the WAV's on-board battery charger.

Mast storage pockets offer a unique and secure storage solution for tools or other items.

Utility hooks provide a flexible and convenient method to store task-related tools.