RT Series Ride-On Pallet Truck

A Perfect Fit
From Dock to Aisle

When dependable performance matters, rely on the compact yet durable RT Series ride-on pallet truck to work as hard as you do, performing tough tasks without sacrificing operator comfort and control.

RT ride-on pallet truck

Maneuverability Where It Matters

From congested docks to narrow warehouse aisles, the RT Series ride-on pallet truck was built to maneuver them with ease. Features include intuitive controls, electronic power steering, powerful acceleration, and a compact power unit that provides exceptional stability and maneuverability.

RT Series pallet truck easily maneuvers through tight aisles
Crown's RT ride-on pallet truck is more compact than competitor's trucks

Compact Power Unit

The Crown RT Series' compact power unit results in a shorter head length, providing the opportunity to reduce aisle width and position inventory closer together. 

The ride-on pallet truck allows operators to take advantage of more usable floor space in their facility, without sacrificing comfort and space within the operator compartment as they work.

Comfort-Driven Control

Intuitive controls within comfortable reach offer smooth, responsive operation while minimizing shoulder and arm fatigue.

The RT Series ride-on pallet truck easy-to-use controls deliver responsive operation

A wrap-around, soft foam lean pad provides a comfortable surface during long or strenuous shifts.

The RT Series pallet trucks' soft foam lean pad provides operator comfort throughout the duration of a shift

A suspended floor board reduces shock from dock plates and rough floors.

Suspended floorboard featured on the RT Series pallet truck reduces operator fatigue

The patented entry bar safety switch stops travel if the operator places a foot on it outside of the truck perimeter.

Patented entry bar safety switch featured on the RT Series pallet truck

Rock-Solid Stability

Whether moving through narrow aisles or on tight docks, the four-point suspension in the RT Series ride-on pallet truck provides tremendous stability. Two load wheels, a drive tire and dual-wheel caster ensure the truck maintains balance while traveling, maneuvering or lifting loads.

The four-point suspension featured on the RT Series pallet truck provides increased stability
RT Series ride-on pallet trucks feature the patented Entry Bar Safety Switch

Warehouse Workhorse

Crown’s intelligent design and generous use of steel provides durability where it counts – with heavy-gauge steel wrap-around sidewalls and a reinforced steel skirt – to maximize floor-level protection.

Reinforced, one-piece, high-tensile steel forks feature an adjustable pull-rod linkage to combat buckling forks. Crown-made AC motors and our innovative e-Gen Braking System enhance performance and efficiency to keep you moving shift after shift.

RT Series Model Types

Stand-up pallet truck RT 4020
Ride-On Pallet Truck

The RT rider pallet truck has a load capacity of 4500 lb and travels up to 7.8 miles/hour. The narrow chassis and short headlength are perfect for congested and demanding applications.

Key Options and Accessories

The integrated on-board charger provides a convenient charging solution and eliminates the need to remove the truck battery.

RT ride-on pallet truck with on-board charger

The steel-constructed load backrest provides added stability for tall loads.

RT ride-on pallet truck with load backrest

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

RT pallet truck work assist accessories