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1950 to 1975

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History – 1950 to 1975
From Small Town to Global Leader

In 1951, the company diversified again. This time it was in the repair and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic components for private industry and government. After a short time and several successful bids, the company had built a strong business in this area.

As versatile as it was successful, Crown diversified once again, moving into lift truck manufacturing. Production began in 1957, with the belief that the material handling industry needed a smaller line of high quality lift trucks for intermediate-duty use. The company produced an up-to-date range of equipment and soon became the fastest growing material handling company in its range of products.

In 1966, Crown made their first material handling venture outside of the United States in Australia. Today Crown remains the industry leader supported by strong sales, service and manufacturing operations. The Sydney, Australia regional headquarters leads Crown's Asia Pacific sales, service and marketing efforts.

Crown began to establish itself in the European marketplace in 1968. Crown purchased an Irish manufacturing plant from its parent company, a German firm, Steinbock, to manufacture Crown's popular hand pallet trucks (PTH).

Later in 1968, Crown began their first sales and service operation in London in facilities located near Heathrow Airport. By the end of the decade, Crown's complete lift truck line was available in the United Kingdom and in the early 1970s Crown began marketing its lift trucks throughout most of Europe through independent dealers.

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