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Integrity Service

Integrity Service

Forklift Service Backed by a System of Performance

Many customers view forklift service as a commodity and only from a single dimension— low service labor rates. Unfortunately, this approach does not provide the outcome they desire: lowest total cost of ownership. You need to view service from multiple dimensions such as trained service technicians, the availability of quality parts, first-call fix rate and response time. When you’re able to look beyond low service rates and acknowledge these factors, you’ll begin to understand that you need a system in place in order to achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability.

We call it the Crown Integrity Service System®. It’s built on a system of performance.

Service support for the life of your lift truck

Service differs significantly from one lift truck service provider to another and an initial low labor rate doesn’t mean lowest cost of ownership over time—it’s the labor frequency of consumption and the support behind the system that truly counts. You need a system of performance that is deliberate and efficient and offers the lowest overall cost.

Crown tracks important features such as first-call fix rate, response time and parts availability. We use the term “integrity” to describe our service and parts because customers trust our system and appreciate how it’s designed for them.

The ability to send the right technician, at the right time with the right part is a true indicator of cost savings and real value for our customers.

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Integrity Service

Integrity Service

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