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Fall 2015 Catalog
Table of Contents

Section 1 Service Supplies
Bulk Service Supplies, Cleaners, Aerosol Lubricants,
Paint, Gloves, Wiper Blades, Cable Ties, Tape &
Shrink Wrap, Tape Dispenser, Utility Knife & Blades,
Industrial Wiping Products, Can Liners, Oils, Fluids,
Grease, Lubricants, Adhesives, Sealants, and Filters

Section 2 Safety Equipment
Seat Belts, Belts, Harnesses, Lanyards, Maintenance
Safety Items, Eye, Hearing & Breathing Protection,
First Aid Kits, Disposable Safety Apparel, Battery Spill Kit,
Spill Absorbent Products, Mirrors, Lockout Tag Out Kit,
Fire Extinguisher, Traffic Cones, Caution Tape

Section 3 Electric Truck Components
Bulbs, Strobe Lights, Tail Lights, LED Work/Spot Lights,
Flashing Lights, Dome Lights, Keys, Horns, Alarms, GE Plug Kits,
Deutsch Connectors, Terminals, Terminal Boards, Switches,
Fuses, Grounding Straps, Solenoids, Contactors, Wire and Cable,
Cards, BDI's, Hour Meters, DC/DC Converter, Lift Structure Parts,
Drive Unit Parts, Brake Parts, Steering Parts, Hydraulic Parts,
Motors, Brushes, Cylinders, Miscellaneous, Cross Reference

Section 4 Internal Combustion (IC) Components
Seats, Seat Belts, Propane Parts, Propane Tanks,
Distributors/Caps, Starters, Mufflers, Alternators,
Water Pumps, Ignition Rotors, Spark Plugs,
Spark Plug Wires, Coils, Brake Shoes and Accessories,
Brake Cylinders, Radiator & Accessories, Fan Blades,
Belts, Bearings, Seals, Cylinder Parts, Gas Springs,
Solenoid, Miscellaneous, and Cross Reference

Section 5 Work Assist
Ram Mounts, Mounting Poles, Clamps, RF Gun Hook, Clip Pad,
Pocket, Cup Holder, Fan, Work Lights, Utility Hook, Tray, Tool
Retractor, Forklift Covers & Enclosures, Soft Cab for C-5,
Forklift Laser Guidance Systems

Section 6 PTH 50, Chain, and Forks
Crown PTH Series Pallet Truck, Leaf Chain, Roller Chain,
Forks and Fork Pin Kits, Cascade Cross Reference

Section 7 Battery and Charger
Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries, Retail Mobility Cart Batteries,
V-Force Chargers, Rescue Jump Packs, Portable/On Board Chargers, Watering Systems, Battery Caps, Blinky Lights,
Battery Watering Gun, Pogo Stick, Wash Water Neutralizer, Reusable Battery Acid Mats, Connectors, Power Cable, Expandable Sleeving, Heat Shrink, Safety Boots, Leadhead Assm, Leadhead Shrouds, Intercell Connectors, Battery Tools,
Battery Cross References

Section 8 Tools
Crown Branded Tool Program, Hydraulic, Drive, Diagnostic, Electrical, Steering, Brake and Mechanical

Section 9 Hydraulic Components
Thermoplastic Hose, Thermoplastic Couplings, Rubber
Hose, Rubber Couplings and Steel Wire Braid Hose

Section 10 Wheels and Tires
Wheel Cross Reference, Poly Wheels, Quick Change
Load Wheels, Triple Load Wheels, Poly Tires, Hole Tires,
Resilient/Pneumatic Tires by Size, Tubes, Flaps, Rims, Hubs,
Sweeper Scrubber Rubber Tires, Rubber Tires,
Load Wheel Assemblies, Competitor Load Wheel Kits,
Caster Assemblies and Bearings

Section 11 Training
Demonstrated Performance classes and literature

Section 12 One Source Index



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