A Comprehensive Approach to Safety
Safety is no accident. That's why, at Crown, we are dedicated to helping you create a safe operating environment. Safety is an integral part of Crown's engineering and manufacturing processes and it shows in our product design, technology advances and training programs, all helping you create a culture of safety.

Safety through Design
In the early stages of product development, Crown forklifts are designed with your safety in mind. Our lift trucks are designed with durable and robust safety features, and available options and accessories for your specialized needs. Crown helps you maintain a safe operation with equipment designed around your operator, task and industry standards. We want to help ensure all of your employees go home safely at the end of each workday.

Safety through Technology
Safety through technology is another fundamental component of Crown's commitment to safety. Fleet management technology communicates with critical truck systems to gather data that can be used to measure and improve safety. Crown's InfoLink® fleet management system is one great example. It provides your operators and managers with crucial data you can use to enhance the safety of your employees. It also provides efficient and consistent safety compliance documentation via its electronic safety checklist function.

Safety through Training
Safety through training is also provided via Crown’s operator training program material. We offer several different training options to enable you to create your own customized approach. To help you continually improve safety in your operations, go to Crown’s Operator Training page to gain access to training materials, resources and application-specific accessories. The site can also help you locate and restore safety labeling kits for your Crown lift trucks.

Locate your local Crown Dealer to obtain these materials and resources or for additional assistance.