The Advantages of Encore® Electric Lift Trucks vs. Used Forklifts

The financial appeal of adding used lift trucks to your fleet is obvious, but what about the potential risks? Unknown service histories and superficial restorations can easily turn into downtime and workflow interruptions, which can quickly eliminate what appeared to be initial savings. But not with Crown Encore electric lift trucks.

Encore electric lift trucks are drastically different from used forklifts. Crown’s factory-based revitalization process involves muchmore than a quick component inspection and new paint and covers. Our dedicated technicians painstakingly disassemble, repair, replace and recycle each truck’s parts, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. From electrical and structural components to drive units, hydraulics and brakes, every aspect of an Encore electric truck is methodically inspected, tested and replaced as needed.

When replacement parts are required, only top-quality Crown Integrity Parts® are installed—the same components used in our new lift trucks. Add to this the support of an unmatched warranty: 1-year for major components (with no hour limits) and a 90-day guarantee on wearable parts, and the built-in value of Encore electric trucks is undeniable.

So if savings anddependability are what you’re looking for in a pre-owned lift truck, Crown Encore delivers the clear advantage.

For more information about Crown Encore Electric Lift Trucks, click here.

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