Safety – It’s Up To You

An essential part of Crown’s corporate culture is safety, which is why we recognize the importance of forklift safety and support our customers with tools to enable them to create their own safety culture.

Crown offers Demonstrated Performance® (DP) training programs that are designed to help promote forklift safety. These training programs are available to forklift operators, trainers, supervisors, pedestrians and service technicians. Crown believes a core part of a safety culture includes ongoing training at various levels of an organization. Supervisors should be trained to reinforce safety rules and practices and to correct unsafe operator behavior or performance.

Hercules Industries, a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high-quality sheet metal products and equipment, has used Crown’s Train-the- Trainer program to strengthen their in-house forklift operator training program. Alan Duncan, safety director and superintendent for manufacturing at Hercules’ Denver branch said this about the program, “Going through Crown’s Train-the-Trainer program has provided valuable hands-on experience and enables me to relate one-on-one when operators have issues and collaborate with them to find a solution that works better for the task they are trying to perform.” He also stated, “Being able to train our own people inside the company has helped speed up the process and helped ensure we quickly and efficiently have more operators who can be hands-on.”

Crown also offers a variety of safety features in our forklifts. Just a few of these features include the MonoLift® mast that increases visibility, OnTrac® Anti-Slip Traction Control that determines if a truck is losing traction and the suspended floorboard, pedal/sensor and entry safety bar on our stand-up forklifts, among many others. It’s also important to use forklift fleet management technologies such as Crown’s InfoLink® to create a safety culture that minimizes the potential for complacency.

Still, no amount of training materials and product safety features can prevent work accidents on their own. It’s up to every operator and employer to remain vigilant to ensure safe operations and environments, because any vehicle or technology can create an unsafe condition when used improperly or not supported with proper training, policies and practices. Truck operators are mandated to complete daily safety checks of their vehicles, and can use the checklist that comes with their Crown forklift. If anything doesn’t look or feel right, they shouldn’t drive the truck and should notify their supervisor right away.

At Crown, we want every employee to make it home safely to their families after every shift. We’ll help by providing tools that help enable you to create your own safety culture, a culture in which all employees embrace their role in keeping each other safe.

Safety – It’s Up To You. It’s a good reminder for everyone.

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