Long-term Relationship Helps J-Connection Press Boost Productivity by 30 Per cent

Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, is credited with helping a local small-and-medium enterprise (SME) achieve a 30 per cent increase in productivity since the two companies started working together in 2008.

J-Connection Press, a Singapore-based industry-leading commercial print services company that started in 1998 as a small print shop, has now rapidly grown to become one of the largest and most trusted print companies in the region. The SME’s clientele includes some of the world’s biggest and best brands, many of which are from banking and corporate sectors.

Over the years, as J-Connection Press expanded its businesses, implementing the right material handling equipment (MHE) became increasingly crucial to effectively and safely move heavy loads in the warehouse. It is clear that focusing on the right supply chain solutions is an important foundation to achieve high productivity, maximise efficiency and boost staff morale as well as maintain safety standards.

This was when J-Connection Press chose Crown solutions due to the material handling company’s highly-positive brand reputation in the industry and the relationship kicked off in 2008 with the very first acquisition of a Crown stacker, which is still running strong 15 years later.

“The model is very easy to use and manoeuvre. It really helps in moving our heavy items around, and the quality is so good we are still using it more than a decade later,” said Mr Peter Ngan, Director of J-Connection Press.

As the company’s business requirements became more complex over the years, J-Connection Press also invested in high-end, best-in-class printing machines to meet and exceed customer demands.

“We are heavily invested in the adoption of printing technology in order to enhance quality, capability, speed and ultimately enable groundbreaking advancements when it comes to customer deliverables. This state-of-the-art equipment guarantees one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, and ensures that we only need the shortest time possible in every stage of the printing process,” shared Mr Ngan.

This was why J-Connection Press began implementing additional Crown MHE solutions over the years to keep that competitive edge. Today, a full-suite, tailored Crown equipment solution is in place ranging from hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks, to stockpicking vehicles and Wave Work Assist Vehicles.

“Due to our positive working relationship, I have never thought of trying other brands. I am impressed with Crown’s high quality equipment. Whenever we do need service or replacement parts we can rely on Crown to quickly meet our needs and carry out the maintenance required while proactively keeping the machines running,” continued Mr Ngan.

While Mr Ngan treasures his very first Crown stacker which is still in operation, he is impressed with his most recent MHE purchases. For example, the Wave allows workers to reach high racks safely, even in busy, confined places.

“It’s very compact and mobile. It’s perfect to move through our narrow aisles and it helps my staff to safely reach loads on high racks. Since it is so compact, it is also easy to store without blocking the passageway. It’s also quite versatile. Our workers use it to reach high places, like a ladder, and even as an order picker,” Mr Ngan said.

Mr Ngan has also added that since the machine is so easy to use, his staff was able to quickly familiarise themselves with the controls.

“Crown’s equipment are sophisticated, yet very user-friendly. We just need to use it a few times then we quickly get the hang of it. They are easy to use, and not complicated at all.”

Focusing on operational improvement means cost-savings on manual labour. Mr Ngan believes that the reason behind the company’s success is due to their investment in the right technology solutions which helps support effective processes that directly has a positive impact on J-Connection Press customers.

“There is a 30 per cent increase in productivity since we started using Crown’s products and solutions. This is why I always recommend Crown Equipment to those who visit my warehouse. Throughout our relationship, we have always been impressed by Crown’s equipment and customer service.” said Mr Ngan.

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