FC Series

Productivity with Every Move

The Crown FC Series forklift features the perfect combination of productivity and power. Industry leading manoeuvrability and a range of capacities enable the FC Series to meet even more of your material handling needs.

FC Series forklift

More Power Extends Runtime

Faster acceleration and travel speeds deliver improved performance and the ability to move up to 10 percent more loads per shift.

The hydraulic system has been optimised to provide greater lift, tilt and lower speeds, resulting in increased productivity.

All these performance improvements are achieved with 25 percent more runtime per battery charge.

the FC forklift achieves 25% more runtime
the FC forklift delivers unmatched manoeuvrability

Unmatched Manoeuvrability

Space-saving design provides manoeuvrability in tight spaces and enables you to use the FC Series where other counterbalance forklifts simply won’t fit.

Dual drive motors and steering axle geometry greatly improve turning radius allowing the FC Series to spin 360° in an aisle without disturbing surrounding racks or pallets.


Operator Focused

With the new FC Series forklift, Crown has perfected the small details in design that make a big difference for the operator's efficiency, safety and productivity.

The FC Series positions the operator for productivity with ideal ergonomics, all-around visibility and ample work space. The forklift features a full suspension seat, convenient handholds, extra headroom, a contoured seat deck and low step height. Control-enhancing options include fingertip, dual-lever or manual hydraulic controls.

the FC forklift offers ideal ergonomics
the FC forklift offers long-term value

Designed for Durability

All Crown lift trucks are engineered, designed and manufactured for long-term performance and the FC Series is no exception. With a strong, durable frame, powertrain and brakes, the FC Series forklift handles the most demanding loads with ease. Crown’s I-beam mast design, rugged fork carriage and a stronger load backrest resist bending and twisting when loaded.

Crown-built AC motors ensure enhanced performance and reliability, while e-GEN braking offers an advantage in performance, service and total cost of ownership by virtually eliminating brake maintenance.

FC Series Model Types

4-wheel forklift FC 5200
4-Wheel Forklift

The FC Series is a sit-down counterbalance forklift ideal for dock work, transport, attachments and stacking in racks. It is designed for operator comfort and visibility.

Options & Accessories

Additional hydraulic functions are available to utilise various load handling attachments to help avoid unstable conditions and improve operator safety.

for the FC forklift additional hydraulic functions are available

Our full range of attachments, including options for a carton clamp, slip sheet push-pull, fork positioner, double fork and side shifter, can handle a variety of loads.

for the FC forklift numerous attachments are available

Light packages provide additional visibility for both operators and pedestrians.

FC forklift with light package