RM/RMD Series

Elevate Your Expectations      

By harnessing technology and engineering advancements, Crown has redefined the reach truck. With Crown’s exclusive MonoLift Mast, this lift truck delivers unprecedented height – up to 505” – along with superior visibility, greater capacity at height, game-changing speed/efficiency, and enviable operator comfort.

Operator transports a load on the RM/RMD rider reach truck

Standout Results     

The Crown RM/RMD Series offers unmatched, all-around visibility – at ground level, eye level, height and in all directions around the operator.

Operator utilizing the the RM/RMD series increased visibility to transport loads.
Up-close view of Crown's MonoLift Mast

Opportunities in Reach   

With game-changing height, greater capacity and a smaller footprint, you can make the most of every square foot. 

Extended loads put tremendous pressure on masts. Crown addresses this challenge with patented, boxed-in cross section mast, which significantly reduces twisting and flexing, associated with conventional, dual upright masts.

Capacity is often the compromise in deep reach applications. The RM/RMD Series offers optimized weight distribution and stable MonoLift Mast for superior capacity without a wider wheelbase.

Set New Standards    

The RM/RMD Series from Crown boasts incredible travel, lift and lower speeds that equate to reduced cycle times and measurable productivity gains.

Regenerative lowering captures lost energy and returns it to the battery, equating to fewer battery changes, longer shifts and reduced costs.

Crown’s Xpress Lower technology increases top lowering speed 110 feet per minute to 240 feet per minute while using no additional energy. With twice the lowering speed, the RM/RMD Series delivers a boost in throughput.

Operator traveling on an RM/RMD Series rider reach lift truck
View of the RM/RMD series from the back.

Comfort, Confidence and Control        

Ergonomic excellence ensures operator comfort, safety and productivity, even in the most challenging environments.

Crown’s exclusive OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control system greatly reduces tire spin during acceleration, plugging and braking for optimized performance – even on wet, slick or dusty surfaces. 

RM/RMD Series Model Types

Single Reach (RM)
Single Reach (RM)

The RM Series is a rider reach truck that features a MonoLift mast. It can handle a variety of load sizes and stack in aisles as narrow as eight feet.

Double Reach (RMD)
Double Reach (RMD)

The RMD Series is the only narrow-aisle rider reach truck with a MonoLift mast. The forks extend to allow the truck to deposit or retrieve pallets that are positioned in the rack two deep.

Sit-Down Single Reach (RM)
Sit-Down Single Reach (RM)

A large floor surface and adjustable seat make the RM an "S" class series. This sit-down reach truck allows operators to sit, stand or lean comfortably.

Sit-Down Double Reach (RMD)
Sit-Down Double Reach (RMD)

The RMD Series is an "S" class rider deep reach truck with MonoLift mast. The large floor surface and seat make the "S" class task-friendly, comfortable and productive.

Key Options and Accessories

Xpress Lower enables the operator to more than double traditional lowering speeds, saving time and boosting productivity.

The capacity monitor shows the operator the approximate load weight and indicates to what height the load can be placed.

The camera and color monitor provides significant visibility improvements for the operator at height.

The laser fork guide enables the operator to easily position the forks at height for increased precision, productivity and safety.

The quick change load wheel assembly utilizes a patented design that enables technicians to replace wheels in 2.5 minutes compared to 30-40 minutes for traditional replacements.

Work Assist Accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.