V-Force V-HFB Forklift Battery Chargers

Increase Your Efficiency and Return on Investment

Crown V-Force chargers offer state-of-the-art charging efficiency, an exceptionally fast charge rate, optimised energy consumption and increased service life.

A range of 19 models is available for battery voltages from 24 to 80 volts. Whatever your individual requirements are, we have the right battery charger to keep your forklift fleet moving at an economical price.

forklift battery charger V-HFB
the V-HFB forklift battery charger provides 97% efficiency

Extraordinary Efficiency

V-HFB chargers feature fully resonant, high-frequency switching (from 50 kHz to 170 kHz) over the entire charging cycle. The technology reduces power losses during the switching process, with a rated efficiency level of 97 percent.

Save Time and Energy

The V-HFB Series intelligently optimises the charge rate based on various factors to help reduce charging time and expense. With a 1 C charging factor, batteries of up to 400 Ah can be fully charged within 60 minutes.

Fully automatic charging with dynamic adjustments based on the battery's age, temperature and state of charge eliminates the need for manual programming of the charger. In case of a power outage, charging automatically continues afterwards.

An encapsulated cooling system minimises heat losses. Combined with a reduced stand-by power consumption, it saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint.

V-HFB forklift battery chargers save time and energy
the V-HFB forklift battery charger features an intuitive touchscreen

An Intelligent Charging Assistant

Smart sensors and the intuitive 4.3'' touchscreen make battery charging easy, safe and reliable.

The graphic touchscreen and LED indicator lights inform operators of charging and battery status at a glance. It enables various configurations such as delayed switch-on options for flexible use of available energy resources.

Service-Friendly Design

The V-HFB forklift battery charger allows quick and easy servicing through the touchscreen or the USB interface. The touchscreen accurately displays service and error messages.

The convection cooling system prevents contamination of the electronic charger modules by water, dust and dirt. This increases the service life and reduces maintenance costs.

V-HFB forklift battery chargers allow quick and easy service

V-HFB Series Battery Charger Models

V-HFB forklift battery charger models

The V-HFB Series battery chargers can be used for conventional or opportunity charging applications.
A selection of 19 models is available with charge currents of up to 400 A for battery voltages ranging from 24 to 80 volts.

Whatever your individual forklift fleet requirements are, we have the right battery charger for you.