SinoTrans Preferred Freezer

Use Crown’s Cold Storage Trucks to Boost Efficiency in the Freezer

Moving 3000 Pallets Per Day

Increase Picking Efficiency

TSP turret trucks operate in a VNA application with rail guidance, offer man-up order picking

Safe & Comfortable Working Environment

With enclosed heated cabin, TSP series provides the operators a comfortable working environment, also improved operator preference in the subzero-degree environment

“Crown’s Turret Truck is easily used and operated in VNA. With a heated cabin, the operator is comfortable and free from cold injury.”


Chunlin Liu

Equipment Manager

SinoTrans PFS (Shanghai)

Waigaoqiao Warehouse


Preferred Freezer has operated in China under a joint venture since 2009, specializing in providing cold chain warehousing and logistics services. Its Waigaoqiao warehouse was built in 2011 and put into operation in 2012 with the storage volume of 26,880 pallets. With 3,000 pallets of freezer area, it is one of the biggest freezers in China. It is located in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, only a 10-minute drive to the Waigaoqiao Dock.


The temperature of the warehouse is between minus 25 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, while the freezer area is controlled at minus 18 degrees Celsius. Multiple measures need to be taken to protect the operators from cold injury and maintain productivity.


According to the customer’s application and requirement, Crown provided a choice of solutions. For the cold storage applications, in addition to the anti-corrosion protection on the trucks, Crown provided AC-powered TSP series turret trucks that operate in a rail-guided VNA application for man-up order picking.

According to the cold storage regulations, operators are obliged to rest for every 30 minutes operation if there is no heated protection. Equipped with an enclosed, heated cabin, the TSP Series turret trucks provide the operators with a comfortable working environment that enables them to operate more consistently and helps boost fleet performance in the subzero-degree environment.