Great Lakes Foods

Availability and Reliability of Encore Lift Trucks Provide Productivity Gains

Increased Productivity with Long-term Dependability

More Uptime

A wide selection of Encore products is ready for delivery when you need them from your local Crown dealer.

Greater ROI

Encore lift trucks' revitalization with Crown Integrity Parts is backed by a 1-year major component warranty with no hour limits, the same as a new truck.

Higher Productivity

The performance and dependability of Encore lift trucks allowed Great Lakes Foods to double its productivity versus its prior fleet.

"The Encore forklifts have positively impacted us. They are reliable. They are consistent. They're modern."

Jim Kent

Director of Operations - Great Lakes Foods

Great Lakes Foods Director of Operations


Great Lakes Foods is a wholesale grocery distributor serving Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. Its 300,000 square foot warehouse delivers dry, refrigerated, and frozen goods to up to 70 grocery stores each night. It uses lift trucks in every phase of its operations, including PE Series double and single pallet trucks and RR Series reach trucks in its warehouse, as well as WP Series pallet jacks on each delivery truck for drivers to utilize on deliveries.



Because so much of Great Lakes Foods' business depends on reliable lift trucks to move groceries, getting dependable machines quickly is imperative to its operations. As machines age and negatively impact productivity, they need to be repaired or replaced promptly to keep business moving. The company's business also fluctuates seasonally, with an increase in summer employees leading to an increased need for lift trucks. When Great Lakes Foods picked up an additional 30 grocery store customers with only a month to prepare to service them, it needed more equipment even faster.



Great Lakes Foods turned to Crown's Encore program to build out its fleet as quickly as possible. Working with its local Crown dealer, the company expanded its fleet with the additional machinery needed to keep business running smoothly. Every part of an Encore truck - including electrical and structural components, drive units, hydraulics, and brakes - is systematically inspected, tested, and replaced as needed, and each lift truck is revitalized with 100 percent Crown Integrity Parts. Encore Lift Trucks 1-year major component warranty and a 90-day wearable parts warranty assures their dependability, and their performance helped Great Lakes Foods double the productivity achieved with the lift trucks they replaced.