Interstate Warehousing

Energy Efficient Reach Truck Increases Run Time, Reduces Costs

Increased Run Time

Realized a 30 to 60-minute increase in battery run time, which in many cases, allowed fleet operators to work through an eight-hour shift while only having to charge the battery once.

Time Savings

Calculates a potential $50,000 to $200,000 annual labor savings due to the increased battery run time. The number of operators on a given shift multiplies the savings realized from operators spending less time in the battery room and more time in production.

“Competitors have nothing to match in terms of a truck for our application that reaches this height with this capacity. The Crown RM 6000 has truly revolutionized the industry, and we’re proud of the fact that we tried this new equipment in our facilities. Its benefits have been tenfold.”


Chuck Tippmann

President - Tippmann Group


A Tippmann Group company, Interstate Warehousing operates more than 80 million cubic feet of refrigerated warehousing space at 10 facilities located throughout the United States.



Interstate Warehousing uses an in-house software program to manage and track forklift batteries for maintenance and runtimes. Data from this program proved that the company needed to increase operational efficiency.


The Crown RM 6000 Series reach truck improves operational efficiency with extended battery run times and less frequent battery changes. The combination of a larger F-battery compartment and standard Regenerative Lowering improves run time by as much as 25%.