Ridge Tool

Save Thousands of Dollars Each Year with the Reliable Crown SC Series

More Uptime – Thousands Saved Each Year

Reliable Service Parts

Save thousands of dollars each year with a reliable truck, manufactured in the U.S.A. and supported with readily available service and parts.

Additional Storage

Realized more staging area near the dock to ship product to customers in an efficient manner and turn previously used staging area into additional storage.

“Crown helped us realize that we had more lift capability than we needed. And by going to a smaller capacity trucks, we were able to save money and that helped us to lease an additional truck. We saved money and stretched our capabilities…”  


Brian Shanahan

Senior Operations Manager - Ridge Tool



Based in Cambridge, Ohio, Ridge Tool Company receives stock in its 128,500 square foot facility from seven Ridge Tool manufacturing facilities and ships product to subsidiary locations and distributors worldwide in 48 countries. Ridge Tool Company manufactures and distributes hand tools under the Ridge brand name and is a division of Emerson Electric.



The distribution center operates six days a week, three shifts per day and employs a fleet of seven Crown Equipment sit-down forklifts. The customer experienced poor equipment quality and reliability issues with previous suppliers. Problems with the availability of service parts, especially with other trucks manufactured overseas, created downtime that impacted Ridge Tool’s operations and delayed shipment to customers.


The Crown SC Series counterbalance lift truck provides the reliability and uptime to get more done. The shortest three-wheel forklift in the industry, Crown’s SC 5200 Series delivers exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. Its tight-turning radius enables Ridge Tool to create more staging area near the docks, move product much more efficiently and gain valuable storage space. In addition, operators benefit from the ergonomics of the sit-down lift truck, providing them safety and comfort that reinforces confidence. Ridge Tool also took advantage of the leasing options provided by Crown because it allows them to easily replace units when they accumulate excessive hours, creating the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology.