Global Freezer Services

Wherever We Go, Crown Follows and Provides Support

Crown Support Enables Fast Cold Storage Growth

Optimize Capacity

The use of a double deep reach truck enables up to 40% more pallets in the same space.

Increase Comfort and Safety

Crown lift trucks are designed to increase operator safety and comfort even in cold storage applications.

Equip the Workforce

Crown organizes safety training regularly for operators and seminars for management trainees.

“In recent years, we built our warehouse network very fast, at a pace of opening one freezer warehouse per month. We can’t achieve this without the support from our partner Crown. Wherever we go, they follow and provide continuous support.”


Flora Fu

General Manager – Global Freezer Services – Shanghai Hai Gang Warehouse

GFS Shanghai Haigang Warehouse General Manager


Global Freezer Services (GFS) is a cold chain logistic services company, focused on high quality food and beverage (F&B) logistics. It built the first freezer warehouse in Shanghai in 2019. Through 2022, it has built 23 high standard warehouses in 17 cities. A variety of foods from the world are stocked in frozen, chilled, refrigerated or ambient areas upon different standards. GFS provides warehousing and distribution services, e-business and international freight forwarding.


GFS built its warehouse networking very fast, opening one freezer warehouse per month in recent years. This requires suppliers to react very quickly. GFS pays great attention to lift truck reliability, which is an important element in freezer applications. On the other hand, employee training and development has a very important role in the GFS management system.


As a strategic partner, Crown has witnessed the growth of GFS in recent years and fully understands its pursuit of quality and efficiency. When GFS builds new warehouses, Crown provides consultancy on forklifts and warehouse racking. In areas with high racking, Crown’s RMD Series double deep reach truck increases warehouse capacity by 20-40% and makes it easy to handle goods 8-10m high, with a maximum of 12.8m. In staging areas and loading docks, Crown’s WT and PE Series pallet trucks perform quick transportation, loading and unloading. Crown’s OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control optimizes truck performance and safety, even on wet, slick and dusty surfaces. Its freezer conditioning package enables RMD Series to be used in -20℃ conditions.

When GFS has managerial talent onboard, a tour and technical exchange with Crown is arranged to prompt mutual understanding and cooperation. Both GFS and Crown benefit from the communication and achieve business growth.