Shanghai Hengfu Logistics

Rent to Own Lift Truck Solution Reduces Investment Requirements

Saved up to 80 Percent in Early-Stage Investments 

Integrated Solutions

Crown provided an integrated rack design and lift truck solution to help optimize workflows, saving time and labor.

Reduced Initial Investment

The Crown rent to own program reduces pressure on capital equipment purchasing, saving nearly 80 percent in early-stage equipment costs.

Dependable Maintenance

During the rental period, all the maintenance and wearable parts repairs and replacements are included.

“Crown provided a tailored rent-to-own proposal, which reduced our capital pressure of the new facility establishment.”

Chase Chen
President & CEO – Shanghai Hengfu Logistics


Chase Chen President & CEO


Shanghai Hengfu Logistics is a joint venture by Chinese, United States and Japanese companies, founded in 2008. It is a third-party logistics and supply chain service provider specializing in cold chain. Hengfu’s major business covers supermarkets, restaurants, caterers and food processors. It is headquartered in Jiading, Shanghai, equipped with a 20,000m2 distribution center.



In the third-party logistics sector, there are large batches of goods to be transferred in a timely and effective way, which places a high requirement on lift trucks. Meanwhile, lift trucks should highly match rack design to achieve maximum efficiency. Hengfu’s new distribution center has a great demand for lift trucks, which is a significant initial investment in equipment. 


Crown had been involved in the design stage of a new distribution center when Hengfu decided to build double deep racks to maximize the capacity of the warehouse. Crown’s reliable RMD Series, providing a reach height of over 10 meters in narrow aisles, matches the customer’s requirements in excellent fashion. Moreover, considering the capital pressure of the new facility establishment, Crown provided Hengfu with a tailored rent to own proposal. During the rental period, all maintenance and wearable parts repairs and replacements are covered by Crown. The rent to own program also allows Hengfu to purchase the lift trucks upon the end of the rental period.