Tolsen Tools

Crown's TSP Series Helps Tolsen Increase Warehouse Capacity and Efficiency

Improve Efficiency and Enhance Safety

Increase Capacity

With Crown’s TSP Series Turret Truck, the storage capacity of the warehouse was increased by 40% within the same area

Improve Stability

The TSP Series MonoLift Mast improved load stability at height.

Promote Efficiency and Safety

The wire guidance solution promoted operators’ efficiency and safety, and effectively reduced product damage.

“With Crown’s TSP Series Turret Truck, the capacity of the warehouse was increased by 40% within the same area.”



Deputy General Manager – Tolsen Tools – Tianjin

Tolsen Tianjin Deputy General Manager


Tolsen Tools provides the world with efficient, reliable and innovative tools. Starting in China, its products are now used in every corner of the world. With 30 years of experience in the tool industry, Tolsen has insight to its users’ needs and has now become a leading tool brand in China. By 2023, Tolsen provides more than 33,000 products across 30 different categories. Every year, more than 1 billion units are exported to more than 150 countries and regions. With professionalism and innovation, Tolsen is committed to providing customers with possibilities and power in the future.


During Tolsen’s rapid development, the original warehouse could no longer meet the company’s needs. In 2020, Tolsen planned to build a new warehouse to store more products, covering an area of 7,500 square meters. The goal was to increase the warehouse capacity, in a limited space, by enhancing the rack height and storage density. With the increase in rack height, forklifts were required to have higher lift height and load capacity to meet the company’s storage and throughput requirements.


In the early stage of warehouse planning, Tolsen had done a thorough investigation of the application and visited several example warehouses. Ultimately, the company decided to adopt very narrow aisle racking to improve the overall warehouse capacity. After comparing forklift brands and models, Tolsen chose Crown’s TSP 6500 Series. Equipped with Crown’s wire guidance solution, the TSP Series improved work efficiency and operator safety. During the warehouse design phase, Crown’ worked closely with Tolsen and provided advice and references so that the project could be carried out smoothly. In the end, the project was successfully completed with the design of 5 zones and 20 aisles. The total height of the racks is 14.2 meters, enabling 10 levels of rack storage. Nearly 16,000 pallet positions are available to meet Tolsen’s need for expanded product storage and efficient workflow.