QuickPick Remote Order Picking Technology

Go Remote to Improve Productivity with Less Effort

Crown’s exclusive QuickPick Remote boosts order-picking productivity by saving the operator up to five seconds per pick.

remote order picking technology being utilized in warehouse

Optimize the Order Picking Process

Crown’s QuickPick Remote is a game-changing innovation in low-level order picking – a fast-paced, physically demanding job. The technology automates tasks that simplify workflow — saving time, reducing risk and increasing productivity.

In traditional order picking applications, operators constantly return to the compartment to move the truck forward. With QuickPick Remote, operators maintain a smooth workflow pattern, focusing less on positioning the truck and more on the task of picking.

Lessen operator fatigue by eliminating steps in the picking process
Promote safety by enabling operators to work from behind the truck
Help reduce damage with steer correction and obstacle detection devices
Increase operator productivity by picking more orders in less time

Revolutionize Your Workflow and Save Time

Increase operator productivity by leveraging a truck that allows the operator to maintain a consistent rhythm and pace, making the most of every second in the picking process. 

A typical order picker steps on the operator platform approximately 1,200 times each shift. QuickPick Remote eliminates up to 70% of this activity. With the simple press of a button on the wireless remote, the order picker remotely advances the lift truck to the next pick location, allowing the operator to minimize steps and remain in the optimal pick position. At a 5 meter interpick distance, this can save up to five seconds per pick. Under certain conditions, at a pick rate of 100 picks per hour, one operator can generate as much as 14 percent time savings. Individual results may vary by location.