Terms and Conditions

Crown PTH 50 Hand Pallet Truck - "3 Year Warranty"


Crown Lift Truck Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (Crown) warrants its PTH 50 Hand Pallet Truck with a 3-year free warranty. This warranty to the equipment in question lasts for 3 (three) years, free from defects in material, producing and workmanship under normal and proper use, operation and maintenance.
The following points are included:

  • The "3 year warranty" is for the sole and exclusive benefit of the original purchaser company or individual of PTH 50 Hand Pallet Truck sold by Crown, Crown authorized dealer or Crown authorized online store in China (include China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau).
  • Through this policy, Crown offers to the original purchaser of the " PTH 50 Hand Pallet Truck" warranty for a period of up to 3 (three) years, if the equipment is used in accordance with its instruction manual and under normal conditions of use, in case of breakage or malfunction, considering, therefore, for the guarantee, the structure of the "PTH 50 Manual Pallet" composed of:
    • Hydraulic pump assembly
    • Rod
    • Handle
    • Lifting arm
    • Chassis
  • In the event of a possible warranty claim presented by the "PTH 50 Hand Pallet Truck", the original purchaser should contact Crown to report the event and provide clear photos of the hand pallet truck. After reviewed and determined the issue as not arising from misuse, the equipment will be replaced with a new one as the same model. The replaced truck will not apply with 3-year warranty.
  • Costs of shipping and return of the equipment, including, but not limited to: freight, insurance and packaging, delivery cost of the replaced truck, will not be Crown's responsibility.

Crown reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel this policy at any time.