Burtch Seed Company

Reducing Downtime with Crown’s C-5 Lift Truck

Increase Performance and Uptime

Increased Performance

Improved customer satisfaction by increasing performance, reducing downtime and retaining on-time shipping schedules.

Reliable Forklift

Increased uptime and productivity to maximize return on investment with a reliable forklift that meets customer demands.

Hard-earned Customers

Retained hard-earned customers by meeting loading and shipping commitments.

“The performance of the C-5 puts us in a position to keep on schedule with our shipping. When we are scheduling truck pickups on demand, downtime could cost us a customer. Crown, the C-5 Series and the service are very important to us to retain our customer base.”


Ed Burtch

Owner / Operator - Burtch Seed Company



Burtch Seed Company is a progressive seed production facility located in Celina, Ohio. Established in 1979, this family-owned company processes soybeans and sells a complete line of seeds throughout Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. 



With multiple product lines, five warehouses and five docks, Burtch Seed relies on forklifts to be readily available to move and lift totes of seeds and soybeans weighing up to 2500 pounds. The agricultural company needed a reliable forklift to lift hefty loads into high positions and to increase safety and uptime in their gritty environment.


By partnering with Crown Equipment, Burtch Seed purchased two C-5 Series forklifts. Through Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System and the robust and durable design of the C-5 Series, operators can confidently and safely move and lift 4000-6500 pounds of product. The C-5 features an On-Demand Cooling (ODC) system with precise cooling and radiator cleaning to increase truck performance, extend power train life and maximize uptime. The truck’s robust industrial transaxle and 2.4 liter engine feature tougher, more durable components and offer long-term value by extending service intervals and increasing the truck’s power train lifespan to 20,000 hours.