Connect. Manage. Achieve.

InfoLink is a wireless operator and fleet management solution that puts the power of accurate, on-demand business metrics at your fingertips.


InfoLink customer portal

Connect: Better Information

Crown brings the benefits of technology to material handling by connecting lift trucks, operators and facilities and collecting accurate, real-time information for better decision-making.

InfoLink enables you to monitor and manage operator factors that have the greatest effect on your bottom line, including:




InfoLink tracks data across your entire fleet to provide insight on:

Fleet Utilization

Energy Consumption

Service Scheduling

InfoLink customer portal shows real-time information via the web

Manage: Better Decisions 

InfoLink’s user-friendly interface provides helpful tools for managers, supervisors, safety managers and operators. 

Real-time alerts, intuitive dashboards and detailed reports provide on-demand performance data.

Explore and analyze issues quickly and set benchmarks via interactive dashboard tools.

Achieve: Better Results

Accurate, robust data supports decisions that can help your organization achieve improved safety and compliance, higher productivity, lower costs and optimized operations. 

InfoLink users in diverse roles discover insights and deliver better results throughout your organization.

Improved Safety and Compliance
Higher Productivity
Lower Costs
Optimized Operations
InfoLink modules feature a user-friendly interface for operators

Customers Achieve Results 

80% Impact Reduction

InfoLink brought a new level of efficiency to OSHA compliance efforts for Clemens Food Group. 

Implement with Ease

Lift truck-based sensors, secure wireless data transmission and a cloud-based management portal provides maximum benefits with minimal equipment installation and expense.

InfoLink modules can be installed on your entire fleet: electric and gas forklifts, non-Crown lift trucks, other vehicles and stationary equipment.

InfoLink is available as a secure, scalable web-based solution, so its full functionality is available whenever and wherever you need it.

InfoLink modules are simple to install on Crown lift trucks as well as your mixed fleet

Learn how InfoLink can improve your operations.