RJ Schinner

Crown Supports Continued Growth for RJ Schinner Company

Save Thousands Due to Increased Uptime and Lower Maintenance Costs

Increased ROI with Efficient Service

The reliable Integrity Service System saves the company tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Increased Capacity and Profit Per Square Meter

The RC Series stacks more product in higher racks, creating more storage space and generating more profit per square meter.

Increased Production Efficiency

Order fulfillment has become more productive and efficient with the SP Series, allowing for man-up picking procedures.

“One of the first questions we ask ourselves [when opening new branches] is ‘Where’s the Crown facility?’ We want to make sure that we’re near to them and that we’re going to be able to get serviced by them.”

Mike Wentland

Vice President of Operations - RJ Schinner

RJ Schinner Vice President of Operations


RJ Schinner is a $200 million redistribution company with 12 distribution centres, averaging 6,503 square metres (70,000 square feet). With 60 years of experience, the company supplies its customers with high quality foodservice, paper, grocery, and janitorial and sanitation supplies across the United States. RJ Schinner has accelerated its expansion and, in the last seven years, has opened new branches each year, making it one of the largest independent redistributors in the United States.



To accommodate its narrow aisles, RJ Schinner utilised multiple trucks to unload inbound trucks, pick customer orders and load outbound trucks. Downtime critically affects the company, resulting in managerial involvement and a halt in employee productivity. A lack of spare equipment and near-constant operation demanded trucks that are durable, multifunctional and reliable -- supported by a maintenance plan to avoid downtime and boost productivity.


When RJ Schinner chose Crown's RC Series stand-up counterbalance forklifts it enabled its warehouse managers to stack products and racks higher, creating more storage capacity in a fixed amount of floor space. The truck's versatility also enhanced the operations' picking, loading and unloading capabilities. The company also selected the SP Series stockpicker and immediately realised an increase in picking productivity as operators benefitted from a nearly unobstructed view to safely pick and transport stock throughout the warehouses. In addition, the company elected to support their fleet with the Integrity Service System(R) full maintenance program, which has increased uptime and yield significant savings across all of its facilities.