V-Force Motive Power

Power Solutions for Every Application 

Tough and intelligent, V-Force deep cycle and starter batteries, chargers and charging equipment bring a new level of flexibility, reliability and efficiency to your charging station.

Motive Power Chargers

No matter your battery type, voltage, and charging method, V-Force Motive Power technology is built to optimise the charge for your forklifts and other industrial equipment so they can work longer with reliable power. A properly charged battery will prevent damage to your lift truck’s electrical systems and extend the life of the battery by years.

v-force motive power battery chargers
v-force v-scr battery charger
V-SCR Chargers

The V-SCR Series uses Silicon-Controlled Rectifier technology to quickly and accurately charge batteries.

v-force v-hfm charger
V-HFM Chargers

V-HFM Series chargers deliver flexible solutions to meet almost any battery-charging requirement.

v-force v-110 battery charger
V-110 Chargers

V-110 Chargers are single shift application chargers that utilise high frequency charger technology. 

v-force motive power deep cycle and starter batteries

Deep Cycle & Starter Batteries

V-Force Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries deliver heavy internal construction and durability, ensuring solid performance, unmatched longevity, added power and superior reliability. With thicker plates than the competition and a rugged cell design, V-Force batteries deliver superior productivity and return on investment in the toughest applications.


Battery Watering Systems

Extend the life of the heart of your lift truck with a V-Force Battery Watering System.

v-force motive power battery watering system