J-Connection Press

Long-term Relationship with Crown Boosts Productivity by 30 Percent

Full-suite, Tailored Solutions Fuel Productivity Increase

Maximise Productivity

The right equipment solution reduces manual labour and increases the effectiveness of the company's work flow processes. Operational improvements increase efficiency and productivity by 30 percent.

Compact Warehouse Solutions

Compact and versatile Crown equipment optimises storage space while performing multiple applications.

Positive Relationship

A long-term relationship with Crown helps J-Connection Press implement the right technology and solutions that strengthen the company’s competitive edge.

“With these range of Crown products, I can see there is a tremendous increase in productivity and efficiency of over 30 percent.”


Peter Ngan

Director - J-Connection Press

J-Connection Press Director


J-Connection Press, a Singapore-based industry-leading commercial print services company that started in 1998 as a small print shop, has now rapidly grown to become one of the largest and most trusted print companies in the region. The small-and-medium enterprise's (SME) clientele includes some of the world's biggest and best brands, many of which are from the banking and corporate sectors.


As J-Connection Press expanded its businesses, implementing the right material handling equipment became increasingly crucial to effectively and safely move heavy loads in the warehouse. The company's challenge included operating within tight working spaces and narrow aisles, while maximising storage space and opportunity and operational efficiency through a total material handling equipment solution that is compact yet versatile covering multiple applications.


J-Connection Press chose Crown solutions due to the material handling company’s highly-positive brand reputation in the industry and the relationship kicked off in 2008 with the very first initial acquisition of a Crown stacker. A full-suite, tailored Crown equipment solution is now in place, ranging from hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks, to stock-picking vehicles and Wave Work Assist Vehicle models, to meet the company’s growing business requirements.

 J-Connection Press’ total MHE warehouse solution focuses on compact, mobile and versatile equipment suited for a small-scale warehouse. Having the right supply chain technologies helps effectively support processes that have a direct positive impact on the operational productivity.