Ridge Tool 

Exceed Lift Truck Expectancy with the Crown SP Series

Superior Quality and Reliability – Longer Lifespan

Increased Life Expectancy

Life expectancy of Crown stockpickers has dramatically exceeded that of conventional trucks with their SP Series trucks ranging up to 13 years old and still running strong.

Operator Control

Operator confidence is increased with stability stance, generous use of steel, a mast that delivers rock-solid strength and cushioned staging for superior operator control.

Cost Savings

Longer-than-anticipated truck life has yielded significant savings in fleet replacement costs.

“Crown Stockpickers are the life blood of our operation. We need them to perform around the clock. Most material handling equipment lasts seven years, but our SP Series trucks are up to 13 years old and running great.”  


Brian Shanahan

Senior Operations Manager - Ridge Tools



Based in Cambridge, Ohio, Ridge Tool Company receives stock in its 11,938 square metre (128,500 square foot) facility from seven Ridge Tool manufacturing facilities and ships product to subsidiary locations and distributors worldwide in 48 countries.

Ridge Tool Company manufactures and distributes hand tools under the Ridge brand name and is a division of Emerson Electric.



The Ridge Tool distribution centre operates six days a week, three shifts per day and employs six order pickers to pick from the rack and fulfill customer orders around the clock. In the past, equipment quality and reliability were issues with previous suppliers and the company experienced a lot of downtime. There were also problems with the availability of service parts, especially with trucks manufactured overseas. With nearly continuous order picking as the central component of the company’s distribution process, Ridge Tool needed a durable truck to better service their customers.


The Crown SP Series stockpicker’s electronics and diagnostics, supported by Crown’s service and parts infrastructure, have enabled Ridge Tool to extend their truck life far beyond the company’s original expectations. The Crown SP uses heavy-gauge steel in the skirt, doors and battery cover while providing operators with the most unobstructed view. The lift truck is designed to work with the operator to optimise the order picking process. Featuring a stability stance — four points of solid contact with the truck at all times — the SP Series provides the stability operators need to confidently pick at height and increase productivity.