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Order Pickers

Crown order picker range delivers 100% efficiency for every picking task

The Crown order picker range –
a productivity centre for your warehouse

No other material handling process is more dependant on the operator than order picking. Process studies show the time spent off the order picker can be as high as 90% of the picking cycle.
The award-winning GPC 3000 order picker series was designed around the entire picking process with superior driving performance, fatigue-reducing comfort, and a significant number of features which reduce and simplify the operator's movement when performing tasks both on and off the order picker. The result is enhanced productivity, safety and durability through Crown's innovative design, advanced technology and robust construction.

The GPC 3000 Series offers a complete line of order pickers to meet any application challenge:

For high-density order picking applications, Crown’s QuickPick® Remote order picking technology delivers extraordinary process improvements by eliminating wasted motion, reducing accidents and illness, and increasing workers focus on the task.



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Crown Order Pickers