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Power Solutions for Every Application 

Versatile Motive Power Products offer flexibility, reliability and efficiency for every application.

Real Results

Battery Health Monitor Provides Data to Maximize Battery Life
“Getting the proper life cycle out of a battery is really important. With InfoLink and the Battery Health Monitor, it really ends up allowing SaltWorks to end up getting maximum usage out of those batteries.”

-John Rossi, Facilities Manager

Newfound Power

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems deliver more efficiency, longer run times and surprising value when compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Worry-free opportunity charging enables one battery to run nearly 24 hours a day and eliminates the need for battery swapping.

V-Force Lithium battery
v-force motive power battery chargers

Motive Power Chargers

V-Force Motive Power High Frequency technology will optimize the charge for your forklift and other industrial equipment batteries to improve battery life and your return on investment.

High Frequency. High Efficiency.

High-frequency chargers help reduce power consumption and lower energy costs, virtually paying for themselves early in their life cycle. A customer with a fleet of 169 batteries replaced their 60 chargers with high-frequency units, resulting in:

icon showing 100% return on investment

Electricity cost savings achieved 100% return on investment in only three years.

icon showing reduced electric costs

Within just five years, electricity costs were reduced by more than $170,000.

v-force v-hfm3 charger
V-HFM3 Chargers

V-HFM3 Series’ scalable design accommodates changing business needs and future technology growth, including lithium-ion batteries.

v-force v-hfe battery charger
V-HFE Chargers

V-HFE Series chargers offer the same technology and efficiency as the HFM Series but at a competitive price point.

Battery Watering Systems

Extend the life of the heart of your lift truck with a V-Force Battery Watering System.

v-force motive power battery watering system
v-force motive power deep cycle and starter batteries

Deep Cycle & Starter Batteries

V-Force Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries utilize heavy internal construction to provide durability, longevity and solid performance. Thick plates and a rugged cell design enable V-Force batteries to deliver high productivity and return on investment in tough applications.