Remanufactured Forklifts

Renewed Reliability

Completely remanufactured and backed by an industry-leading warranty, Crown’s Encore Renewed Lift Trucks provide guaranteed performance at a competitive price. 

remanufactured crown forklifts

Precision Process

From start to finish, our remanufacturing process takes a systematic approach to repair, replace or recycle every lift truck part.

service technicians inspect used crown rider pallet truck
Meticulous Inspections.

The Encore remanufacturing process begins with Crown technicians stripping each forklift to its frame to meticulously inspect and repair or replace every part that goes back into the forklift. Unusable components are recycled.

service technicians remanufacture crown lift truck
Comprehensive Reclamation.

Remanufacturing includes electrical, structural and exterior components as well as drive units, hydraulics and brakes. To ensure a safe, responsive ride for operators, all drive tires, load wheels and bearings are replaced on every Encore lift truck. Thanks to our vertically integrated manufacturing process, Crown has immediate access to the needed parts to quickly and efficiently remanufacture any forklift.

service technicians inspect remanufactured crown forklift
Finishing Details.

The finishing process includes new paint, covers and consoles as well as new control handles, labels and decals. Finally, each Encore lift truck goes through an extensive operational and safety inspection before delivery.


Crown’s Encore line of renewed lift trucks is just one example of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Crown, we believe that being good stewards of the environment is simply the right thing to do. Encore customers receive a substantial return on investment and reliable equipment while partnering with us in social responsibility. 

Crown has a system to accept, evaluate and recycle 99 percent of used forklift components, up to and including complete remanufacture. When parts cannot be renewed, you can trust Crown to be environmentally responsible in recycling end-of-life lift trucks.



crown forklift fleet in warehouse