Crown’s FleetSTATS System Saves Time and Improves Fleet Decisions

Save More Than 200 Labor Hours Annually

Maximize Transparency

The FleetSTATS service tracking capability provides DHL with visibility into the service history for every unit in their 7,000+ truck fleet.

Increased Productivity

The electronic invoicing and local management approval and ensures quick and accurate processing and saves more than 200 labor hours annually.

Plan More Effectively

Reliable service history enables DHL managers to proactively plan for lift truck replacement and avoid unexpected downtime.

“Prior to the FleetSTATS program, I was probably spending ...ten percent of my time, trying to solve invoicing and billing issues.”

David Andres

Regional Sourcing Category Manager - DHL

DHL Regional Sourcing Category Manager


DHL is one of the largest express logistics companies in the world, providing solutions in over 220 countries. In the United States, DHL has four business units; Supply Chain, DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding and E-Commerce. Within the Supply Chain business unit, the company operates a fleet of more than 7,000 forklifts across multiple locations, recording the fleet's operating expenses in more than 500 cost centers.



With such a large fleet, DHL schedules thousands of service calls annually for both routine and unplanned maintenance across over 400 locations. The company attempted to use a system to track and maintain invoices for repairs on all of their forklifts but experienced problems with late invoices, lots of time invested in manually researching and processing charges and little to no visibility into service history. Management devoted about four hours of each week to resolving billing issues and ultimately had to rely on educated guesses regarding budget impact due to the lack of meaningful data.  Making informed repair or purchase decisions was completely out of the question. All of the costs and problems associated with the system had DHL questioning their process.


DHL turned to Crown's FleetSTATS system to track their fleet maintenance and obtain the visibility into their fleet expenses and repair history that they had been missing. Electronic invoices can be reviewed and approved by management at the individual locations where the service was performed, ensuring quick and streamlined invoice processing and accurate estimates of their budgetary impacts. Managers no longer have to invest time in investigating individual repair charges, saving the company hundreds of hours per year. With an accurate service history for every truck in the fleet, managers can now make informed decisions regarding lift truck repair versus replacement when problems do occur and utlize service and repair data to proactively plan for future purchases that will help reduce downtime.