Universal Pure

Increase Uptime, Productivity and ROI with Crown's Encore Program

Encore Forklifts Increase ROI & Productivity

Maximize ROI

Crown's fully revitalized Encore lift trucks provide value - guaranteed performance at a lower price than new.

Increase Performance

The dependability and performance of the PE Series improves warehouse productivity by focusing time and resources on Universal Pure's business rather than repairing used equipment.

Improve Productivity

Superior ergonomics and precision handling of Crown's PE Series enhances operator comfort, confidence and productivity.

“My expectation was that we would get a good used piece of equipment. When the Encore units arrived, they looked like a brand new piece of equipment. It exceeded my expectations."

Jim Schilf

Operations Manager – Universal Pure

Universal Pure Operations Manager


Founded in 2001, Universal Pure provides high pressure processing and cold storage solutions for food and beverage manufacturers and other grocery and retail customers across the United States. At its busy Lincoln, NE facility, Universal Pure is responsible for 47,000 chilled and frozen pallet positions totaling more than 670,000 square feet of warehouse space.



In the past, Universal Pure purchased used material handling equipment with the intent to keep it operating for many years. However, due to the age and condition of its used fleet, the maintenance team was spending too much time and money to keep the forklifts operational. With operations running 24 hours a day, five days a week, Universal Pure needed a forklift fleet that was affordable yet dependable enough to hold up to the facility's demanding schedule and comfortable enough for long-term use by operators. That's when Crown dealer, Lift Solutions, recommended forklifts fully revitalized with Crown's Encore program.


Through a comprehensive inspection and rejuvenation process, Crown's Encore lift trucks are completely refurbished to perform exceptionally well at a competitive price. Universal Pure was confident in their decision to add Encore PE Series pallet trucks since they are backed by an industry-leading one year warranty, the same as a new truck. The versatility, comfort and control of the PE Series has helped improve productivity and lessen operator fatigue while continuing to perform day in and day out in the company's harsh, cold storage environment.

The value and dependability of the Encore PE Series pallet trucks enable Universal Pure team members to focus on getting their work done instead of repairing idle equipment. With a competitive price, comfortable, all-day ride and a strong return on investment, the Crown Encore PE Series earns high marks from the company's operators and managers.