Urban Evolutions

When Motion Means Progress, Crown’s C-5 Increases Productivity, Reduces Downtime and Boosts Overall Efficiency

Increase Productivity by 75%

Maximize ROI

The Crown C-5 helped to increase overall productivity by 75%.

Increase Productivity

The C-5 takes on heavy, bulky loads anywhere, in any weather.

Increase Uptime

Employees concentrate on the job, not the forklift.

“Our load sizes are all over the place…being able to adjust the forks on the fly and not have to get off a unit has been huge. Our productivity in manufacturing has changed by 75 percent, which is one of the big reasons why our second unit was bought right away.”

Lee Morey

Operations Manager - Urban Evolutions, Inc.

Urban Evolutions Operations Manager


A passion for creating something new from vintage materials propels Urban Evolutions, Inc. to supply reclaimed building materials, fixtures and a line of furnishings and accessories for homes and businesses throughout the United States and internationally. The company scours the country to rescue building materials, including flooring, timbers and siding for home restorations and new construction as well as custom fixtures and design solutions for high-end retail and commercial locations. The company takes pride in its slogan: Made in America – Again.



Urban Evolutions, Inc. is a relatively small operation that has grown exponentially in recent years. With its growth has come greater demand to move reclaimed materials into its outdoor storage yard and finished products out to meet customer deadlines. Unloading truckloads of timbers, reclaimed fencing or barn siding and moving heavy, often awkward loads quickly and efficiently is paramount. With a fleet of aging lift trucks, often requiring expensive and untimely repairs, avoiding downtime and delays is a daily challenge – often compounded by the weather at their Wisconsin, USA headquarters.


Urban Evolutions looked to the Crown C-5 Series to reinforce its growing demand for dependable indoor and outdoor material handling. Their trucks have lived up to the C-5’s reputation – and then some – to the point where other brands have been relegated to little or no duties. The Crown trucks have required nothing but routine maintenance and are in constant motion – moving heavy loads to storage, into the production shop or into a truck for delivery. Even six inches of fresh snow doesn’t slow the progress as the Crown C-5 trucks have reduced the need for overtime and increased overall productivity.