PC Series Center-Control Rider Pallet Truck

Tough Truck That Gets More Done

Crown’s PC Series rider pallet truck is a smart move for your entire operation. Operators experience superior handling on and off the truck along with exceptional all-around maneuverability and greater efficiency during order picking.  It’s a tough truck that delivers greater throughput, superior uptime and lasting value.

PC series center control pallet truck double fork length transporting application

Superior Performance In Any Environment

Pallet trucks must perform in high-throughput operations and harsh environments day after day. Crown’s exclusive traction control system and heavy-duty drive unit deliver powerful, optimized performance and consistent uptime.

Crown’s Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control delivers safe, optimized performance and customizable performance parameters to achieve optimum results even in the most challenging applications.  

The powerful Crown-built AC Drive Motor is specifically engineered for lift truck applications. It delivers greater torque for improved acceleration and smoother plug reversals.

Crown PC series rider pallet truck features a heavy-duty drive unit protected by heavy-gauge steel
the maximum strength forks on the Crown PC series center control pallet truck

Unmatched Strength Where It Matters 

Crown rider pallet trucks are built from heavy-duty components and more steel where it matters most – the very points that face constant stress and high risks of costly damage. 

The fork assembly is designed for maximum strength with additional structural reinforcements at critical stress areas, preventing premature fatigue. 

Engineered and manufactured by Crown, the industry’s largest and most rugged drive unit delivers unmatched durability to support consistent uptime.  

Optimize the Order Picking Process

Crown's exclusive QuickPick Remote boosts order-picking productivity by saving the operator up to five seconds per pick.

  • Lessen operator joint stress and fatigue
  • Promote safety
  • Reduce damage
  • Increase operator productivity
PC QuickPick Order Picking

Ergonomics Excellence for Optimal Results

Peak productivity depends on the perfect combination of truck and operator performance. The PC Series rider pallet truck is designed for optimal ergonomics, allowing operators to pick more efficiently and accomplish more at a faster pace. 

PC series pallet truck features Crown's unique x10 handle

Operators experience effortless handling on and off the PC Series thanks to electronic power steering and Crown’s unique X10 Handle. 

PC series rider pallet truck features an ergonomic operator compartment for operator comfort and stability

The spacious operator compartment features a comfortable wrap around backrest for easy walk-through and enhanced operator stability during maneuvering.  

Operator stepping onto the PC series rider pallet truck with operator-sensing floorboard

A low step height and operator-sensing floorboard with a premium floor mat greatly enhances operator comfort.  

Operator moves truck forks-first in side stance position

The PC Series Rider Pallet Trucks are the Smartest Choice for Lasting Value

The initial cost of a pallet truck is just part of the story. Real value and true cost of ownership become clear over the lifetime of the truck. The Crown PC Series pallet trucks stand the test of time and deliver consistent uptime and optimal performance in the most rigorous applications — at the lowest cost of ownership.

Lift truck purchase decisions based strictly on the initial price can lead to frequent downtime and higher repair costs later. Crown’s PC Series pallet trucks are designed to provide unmatched durability, reliability and performance so you can achieve the highest return on your investment.

PC Series Model Types

PC Series Center-Control Rider Pallet Truck
Center-Control Rider Pallet Truck

The PC Series center-control pallet truck is primarily used for low-level order picking and high speed transporting of pallet loads over long distances.

  • Load Capacity

    6000 - 8000 lb

  • Power (Electric)

    24 V / 750 Ah

  • Head Length

    44.7 in

  • Width Overall

    34 in

  • Nominal Fork Length

    36 -144 in

Key Options and Accessories

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems can improve performance and productivity, with technology that provides more consistent power output throughout the entire battery discharge cycle. Shorter recharge times and better charge acceptance characteristics make them great alternative power solutions for opportunity and fast charging applications.

lithium ion battery

The second level fold-down pick step can double the number of picks that can be easily reached by the operator.

PC Series rider pallet truck second level pick steps

The raise/lower control located on the load backrest allows for convenient operation of the raise and lower functions in the side stance position.

Center-control pallet truck raise/lower control load backrest

The tiller handle provides operators with additional leverage to power through tight turns.

PC Series rider pallet truck with manual steering with tiller style handle

The T-handle provides operators with more flexibility in hand placement and includes dual-brake levers.

PC Series rider pallet truck t-handle with dual-brake levers

The torsion bar with quick adjust casters improves truck and load stability when moving tall, heavy loads.

PC Series rider pallet truck torsion bar with quick adjust casters

Drive tire and load wheel options accommodate virtually any application need. 

PC Series rider pallet truck drive tire and load wheel options

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

PC Series rider pallet truck work assist options

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty
lithium ion battery