SC Series Sit-Down Forklift

Total Flexibility

No matter your industry or application, increasing demands for productivity and profitability require a whole new level of adaptability – and that’s where the Crown SC Series excels.

SC Series
SC Series Intelligence

Integrated Intelligence

Crown’s Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control gives operators confidence through real-time monitoring and management of truck systems.

e-GEN Braking delivers performance, service and cost advantages by eliminating the traditional friction brake. This enables variable motor braking for specific conditions and reduces pedal effort and long-term maintenance requirements.

Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System drives confidence, safety, and efficiency for greater overall performance. The on-board intelligence assists the operator with control based on load weight, lift height, steer angle and truck speed.

Better Ergonomics 

Operators benefit from the SC Series’ operator-focused ergonomics, superior visibility, ease of entry and exit and intuitive hydraulic controls options. 

Enhanced forward, rearward, upward and downward visibility enables operators to see people, objects and equipment more easily.

The Crown FlexSeat delivers a smooth and comfortable ride through its flexible seat back, wider seat and unsurpassed durability. 


Better Ergonomics
Robust steel frame

More Steel Where It Counts

Crown offers a unique combination of technology and toughness to maximize ROI. Each truck also includes robust truck components that stand the test of time.

The frame includes solid 2” x 4” steel beams and ¾” steel plate along with cross-member supports. The compact I-beam mast construction provides exceptional operator visibility through the mast and performance across all three strength ratings: longitudinal stiffness, lateral stiffness and torsional resistance. 

Steel steer axle with sealed rack and pinion design, heavy duty tapered roller bearings and sealed bearings contributes to long-term durability.


Lasting Value 

Crown’s SC Series delivers long-term value that results in greater uptime and a lower total cost of ownership. 

You can rely on Crown’s comprehensive aftermarket service and support for years of reliable and cost-efficient service.

Operator moving a load with ease on the SC Series.

SC Series Model Types

3-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift
3-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift

The SC Series three-wheel forklift is engineered to deliver flexibility, comfort and productivity. It offers the handling and stability of a larger forklift but allows for maneuverability in the tightest spaces.

4-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift
4-Wheel Sit-Down Forklift

The SC Series four-wheel forklift is a multipurpose truck with an increased maximum lift height that offers a unique edge on ergonomics, stability and maneuverability.

Key Options & Accessories

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems can improve performance and productivity, with technology that provides more consistent power output throughout the entire battery discharge cycle. Shorter recharge times and better charge acceptance characteristics make them great alternative power solutions for opportunity and fast charging applications.

lithium ion battery

A variety of soft, hard and partial cabin options are available for improved performance in your specific application.

SC Series with soft cabin

The LED travel light package includes both headlights and rear lights to provide additional visibility for both operators and pedestrians.

Travel light package for better visibility

The integrated sideshifter features a carriage that shields the cylinders and helps prevent hydraulic oil leaks.

Integrated sideshifter

Work Assist Accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

SC Series work assist accessories