Crown Equipment Corporation InfoLink Data Retention Policy


A. Purpose.

This InfoLink Data Retention Policy (the “Policy”) sets forth the retention period applicable to customer InfoLink data that Crown has possession of by hosting the data (as defined in the Master Software & Services Agreement) or which Crown contracts with a third party cloud provider to host. 


B. Types of Data Covered.

This Policy covers electronic data obtained through use of Crown’s InfoLink product that is hosted by Crown or a third party cloud provider at Crown’s request. The data may be operator data or equipment data specific to a particular customer.


C. Retention Period.  

Crown shall keep the data for a period of seven (7) years (the “Retention Period”) subject to the following exceptions:


1. Aggregated Data.  

Data that is aggregated and made anonymous by Crown will be kept permanently. Data is considered aggregated if it is not identifiable to either a particular customer or a particular operator.


2. Records Retention Suspension.  

Crown Legal may suspend the Retention Period by providing written notice to both the InfoLink Support Team and Crown IS. In such an event, Crown Legal will explain what data needs to be retained and why (i.e. governmental investigation or pending litigation). Once the Retention Period is suspended, the data will be maintained until revoked in writing by Crown Legal.


D. Live Data.  

While Crown shall keep hosted InfoLink data for seven (7) years, live data viewable through the website will only be available for the prior calendar year and year-to-date current calendar year. Information older than the previous calendar year will be archived by Crown. If Customer requests data that has been archived, a fee may be charged for Crown’s time in providing the data. Access to the website is governed by the terms and conditions of the Master Software & Services Agreement.


E. Additional Information.  

Questions relating to this policy can be sent to Crown’s InfoLink Support Center, which can be reached either via email at or by calling (419) 629-6300.