Your Resource for Lift Truck Safety

Crown helps you maintain a safe operation with equipment designed around your operator and in accordance with industry standards. We want to help ensure all of your employees go home safely at the end of each workday.


lift truck operators learn about safely operating material handling equipment

Safe By Design

Crown forklifts are designed with safety in mind. We aim to help you maintain a safe operation with equipment designed around your operator.

All Crown sit-down models incorporate restraint systems designed to help keep the operator in the running lines of the lift truck in case of tip over. These restraints have proven to reduce injuries if properly utilized and maintained. 

To accommodate various application and operator needs, Crown has various seat and restraint system products, including suspension seats and hip restraint systems, available for Crown lift truck models.

Sit down lift truck with seat restraints

Crown's stand-up rider counterbalanced and rider reach lift trucks afford correct operator positioning and control by incorporating independent floorboard pedals/sensors for the operator's feet. The suspension floorboard also provides a cushioned, shock-absorbing ride, enhancing operator comfort.

Operator stands on lift truck platform with a rider entry bar for safety.

All current Crown stand-up rider counterbalanced and rider reach lift trucks have backrest extensions that are 57.5 inches from the floor in the area behind the operator. Third corner posts are also standard.

Operator utilizes the stand up rider post when operating a RM Series lift truck.
Sit down lift truck with seat restraints

Options and Accessories

Crown offers lift truck options and accessories for your specialized needs. Optional safety accessories include:

Audible or visual alerts are sometimes used to emphasize the presence of a lift truck in the vicinity of pedestrians. Flashing lights are standard on all Crown elevated operator models such as stockpickers and turret trucks and can be ordered as an option on other Crown models.

Flashing or strobe light featured on a Crown forklift for maximum safety

Guard covers can be added in areas where there is a risk of very small items falling through the spaces in overhead guards. They may be constructed of expanded metal or Lexan®. Guard covers can restrict visibility due to glare, age, cleaning and maintenance.

Operator operates a stand-up rider reach truck with an overhead guard.

Installation of lift limiting devices to prevent contact with overhead obstructions may be permanent or may be equipped with operator-controlled overrides to allow higher lift in clear areas. Lift limiting devices can be installed on most Crown models and are designed to prevent contact with fixtures such as mezzanines, conveyors, sprinklers, gas lines or lighting.

Crown offers lift limit devices for most Crown models
Flashing or strobe light featured on a Crown forklift for maximum safety

Safety Resources

Crown is dedicated to helping you create a safe operating environment. Use the resources below to help promote a culture of safety in your business and among your employees.

Operator manuals

If your operator manual is lost or missing, Contact Your Local Crown Dealer for a printed replacement.

Service manuals

Parts and service manuals can be ordered through your Local Crown Dealer

Safety label kits

Warning and caution labels on our material handling equipment alert both operators and service technicians of important lift truck usage and service guidelines. A properly maintained lift truck has all of its safety labels and decals intact. Crown provides Replacement Safety Label Kits for current models.

Operator daily checklists

It's important that every operator performs a forklift safety check before beginning work. Crown's operator daily Checklists can be ordered through your local dealer.

Industry Regulations and Safety Standards

Industry regulations and standards play an important role in the safety of your employees. Ensure your employees are aware of regulations regarding powered industrial lift trucks, including operator training, triennial evaluation, fall protection, modifications, maintenance and replacement parts.