Training Course

Forklift: New Operator

Train the trainer

Course Overview

This in-depth full certificate program was developed to meet the specific needs of people with little or no previous lift truck experience. The 3-day program provides certification on one type of machine while the 5-day program will provide certification on up to four types of equipment.

Course Content
Theory: 8-hour session, eight operators per session
  • Introduction
  • Review of legislation, standards and guidelines
  • Overview of principles of design (stability)
  • Pre-operational inspection (in-class and on-floor)
  • Review safe operating guidelines
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Fuel source (propane and battery)
  • Summary
  • Written test
Practical: Four operators per session

These sessions require two to four days per person to provide the trainee with extensive time to gain confidence and experience on each piece of equipment.

  • Pre-operational check
  • Starting, stopping, steering
  • Accurate maneuvering
  • Proper load placement
  • Loading dock safety
  • Loading/unloading
  • Fuel source (battery/propane)
  • Competency test