GPC Series

The Productivity Center of Your Warehouse

Crown’s GPC Series order picker focuses on the entire picking process whatever the job. These trucks enhance productivity, application versatility and ergonomics as well as reliability for long-term performance and ROI.

GPC Series order picker

Efficiency at Every Pick  

The GPC Series provides superior driving performance along with fatigue-reducing comfort for increased operator productivity.

And since studies have shown, that 90 percent of the typical picking cycle is performed off the truck, Crown engineers and designers created a comprehensive range of options and accessories to fit the exact requirements of each application and to reduce and simplify operator movements on and off the order picker.

GPC Series order pickers provide maximum picking efficiency
GPC Series order picker with platform lift for second-level picking

Move Picking to a Higher Level 

The GPC Series offers a complete line of order pickers to meet any application challenge, including taller and heavier loads and second-level picking.

An optional fold-down step provides a practical way to extend operator reach. The GPC Series also includes a platform lift option to position operators for easier second-level picking.

Order picker models with high-lift forks provide ergonomic and productivity advantages. Forks can be lowered or raised to minimise operator lifting and bending for steadier picks and reduced fatigue.

Engineered for Reliable Performance  

The GPC Series order picker features a robust, reliable design that can stand up to the harsh environment of order fulfillment.

Crown applies advanced technology to order picking with AC motors, Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control, e-GEN braking and electronic steering to enhance safe performance and productivity.

GPC Series order pickers are robust and reliable
GPC Series order pickers provide higher performance with lower energy consumption

Long-Term Success    

Stronger, higher-level performance with lower energy consumption was the technical challenge for Crown engineers working on the GPC Series.    

To protect the expensive components behind the covers, the Crown GPC Series order picker includes up to 200 kg more steel.

With Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

GPC Series Model Types


The standard GPC order picker with 2000-2500 kg capacity delivers full performance in a standard package that can be customized for specific needs.

Standard with Ergonomics Package
Standard with Ergonomics Package

The standard GPC order picker with Ergonomics Package delivers 2000-2700 kg capacity and is packed with features for increased operator performance and comfort.

Lifting Forks - Single Pallet
Lifting Forks - Single Pallet

The single pallet order picker GPC with lifting forks elevates pallet loads weighing as much as 1200 kg up to 960 mm, providing ergonomic and productivity advantages.

Scissors Lifting Forks - Double Pallet
Scissors Lifting Forks - Double Pallet

The double pallet order picker GPC with scissors lifting forks elevates two pallets, each with a capacity of 1000 kg, to heights of 850 mm, offering optimal positioning to reduce product damage and improve productivity.

Key Options and Accessories

A fold-down step provides a practical and economical way to extend the reach of the operator, providing a safer and faster way of handling out-of-reach product.

Fold-Down Step

Pallet entry rollers assist the load arms in easily traversing bottom boards.

Pallet Entry Rollers

The lifting platform meets the needs of applications with frequent second-level picking tasks.

Lifting Platform

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilizes loads and prevents pallet movement.

Load Backrest

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator’s job faster, easier and more productive.

Work Assist Accessories

Pick Position Control allows the operator to “walk” the truck to the next pick location thereby eliminating the extra steps and delays needed to enter and exit the truck.

Pick Position Control