Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Crown’s Auto Positioning System Optimizes Productivity and Operator Onboarding


Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS) is a family owned and operated supplier and distributor of alcoholic beverages. Starting from a small bottling operation in Texas in 1909, the company has expanded to a team of over 20,000 employees, distributing more than 150 million cases of wine and spirits annually across 44 U.S. markets, the District of Columbia, Canada and the Caribbean. The company continues to grow, expanding its Lakeland, FL distribution center from 800,000 square feet to 1.2 million square feet to meet growing customer demand.

“The definite advantage of the auto positioning system is that it levels the playing field, so a new employee who begins versus one who has been doing it for six months, within a short amount of time they should be able to meet the same productivity standards. It has reduced the training time from six to eight weeks down to four weeks.”


Michael Eljaiek

Warehouse Manager – Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits