Crown Selected for Flexibility, Reliability and Convenience

Exceed Expectations

The combination of reliable machinery, a flexible approach to service and a solid track record for providing the uptime required for optimum product quality has helped Trumps form a strong partnership with Crown.

Increase Productivity

Crown equipment and racking has become an important part of Trumps’ operations, which can run up to 24 hours per day.

Support Growth

Trumps is taking on more equipment from Crown to help manage business expansion.

“Our business continues to grow but the good thing about Crown is that it’s growing with our business. It helps make our company more flexible and more reliable and allows us to continue to grow as a business.”

Gavin Devine

Site Production Manager - Trumps


Trumps, a third-generation Australian food business which manufactures and supplies health foods, is taking advantage of Crown’s one-stop shop material handling capabilities. The company uses Crown reach trucks and stackers at its sites in Rocklea, Archerfield and Acacia Ridge, Queensland and uses a Crown designed and built racking system.



Trumps’ 24-hour operations require total flexibility and a range of material handling equipment to handle stock deliveries and despatch. Staff comfort and safety is just as important to Trumps as reliability and uptime. Additionally, the company required a racking system that can keep up with the demands of its most recent packaging site.


Crown Equipment has been supplying a growing lift truck fleet to Trumps since the companies formed a relationship in 2009. These include Crown RR Series pantograph reach trucks and SHR heavy duty reach stackers. 

Additionally Trumps engaged Crown’s expertise in design and end use of racking and shelving with a custom-built selective pallet racking system at its allergen-free site in Acacia Ridge.