C-5 Series Cushion Tyre 1,800 - 3,000 kg Forklift

Power and Comfort

The Crown C-5 cushion tyre forklift, equipped with the fully-adjustable D4 armrest and one of three seat options, combines an ergonomic fit and all-day comfort for the operator with the strength and durability of the C-5 Series’ industrial components to get the job done, shift after shift.

C5 Series IC forklift
Operator on the C5 Series Internal Combustion lift truck

Comfort, Confidence and Control

The optional D4 Armrest and a variety of available seat options provide a nearly unlimited combination of seating and operating positions to fit virtually any operator preference. Easy one-handed adjustment of the armrest comfortably positions the operator's arm and hand within easy reach of the hydraulic controls.

The refined operator compartment provides more room to move while keeping controls well within reach. A wide brake pedal enables braking from multiple foot positions, helping to reduce fatigue.

Excel in Any Application

When equipped with any one or more of the dozens of available options, attachments and accessories, a Crown cushion tyre 1,800-3,000 kg forklift is ready to handle a wide range of demanding and specialised applications.

Dependable in Every Way

The C-5 Series cushion forklift demonstrated Crown's commitment to long-term value with its cost-saving, productivity-enhancing features, including long-term warranties on critical components.

C5 warranty infographic

Stronger Where it Counts

An industrial engine, powershift transmission, self-adjusting brakes and dual-radiator cooling system keep the C-5 Series cushion forklift on the job, moving loads from 1,800 to 3,000 kg.

Crown's low-emission, LPG-powered 2.4-litre industrial engine, combined with a robust powershift transaxle, delivers dependable, long-lasting performance while maximising uptime through extended 1,000-hour oil change intervals.

Crown built C5 engine

The Crown Power Brake System, optional on 1,815/2,270 kg and standard on 2,720/2,950 kg, delivers durability and performance while virtually eliminating brake maintenance.

Brake system on the C5 series IC Forklift

Crown’s standard industrial dual radiator offers separate airflow for the engine and transmission, providing a -7°C reduction in fluid temperatures to help protect and extend powertrain life.

Dual core radiator on the C5 series IC forklift

The On-Demand Cooling option includes an independent hydraulic-driven, bi-directional fan located behind the radiator for enhanced cooling and clearing of debris.

graphic detailing how Crown's dual core radiator works
Crown built C5 engine

C-5 Series Model Types

Cushion Tire LPG Forklift
C-5 1000 LPG

The C-5 LPG powered forklift with cushion tyres is ideal for indoor or outdoor use on "approved hard surfaces," such as concrete or blacktop.

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  • Load Capacity

    1,800 - 3,000 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    7,470 mm

  • Power (LPG)

    44 kW

  • Transmission Type


Key Options and Accessories

The optional D4 Armrest features easy, one-handed adjustment of up/down and fore/aft positioning to fit nearly any operator and provide all-day comfort.

D4 Armrest

Multiple seat options, including cloth and vinyl, provide more flexibility, adjustment and comfort for the operator. Premium options include heated seat and backrest.

1) Crown FlexSeat
2) Full Suspension Seat
3) Premium Power Air Suspension Seat

C-5 Seat Options

Our full range of attachments, including options for a carton clamp, slip sheet push-pull, fork positioner, single double, scales and sideshifter can handle a variety of loads.

C-5 forklift in use using attachments

Smooth Non-Marking
Lugged Non-Marking

C-5 Cushion Tire Options

Travel Light Package
LED Light Package
Floor Spot Light (Blue Light)

C-5 Series Light Options
D4 Armrest