Henningsen Cold Storage

Move Beyond Your Productivity Expectations with the Crown RM 6000

Experience 50% More Productivity

Increased Productivity

Exceeded productivity expectations by enabling the company to handle 50 percent more volume in a single shift.

Improved Safety

The MonoLift mast offers the best in operator visibility with clear sight lines at any height.

Increased Storage Capacity

The unsurpassed rigidity of the MonoLift mast enables the company to lift heavier pallets higher and faster.

“With the Xpress Lower feature, if you start adding
the lifting and lowering speed advantage you know
you'll move more pallets in an hour. Those seconds
make a difference in a day's time.”


Pete Lepschat

Engineering Services Manager - Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

Henningsen Manager


Henningsen Cold Storage is one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in the U.S. Its refrigerated logistics consists of a national warehouse network totaling more than 53 million cubic feet of multi-temperature controlled storage (-20 to +60°F). The company is based in the Pacific Northwest with 11 facilities located throughout the United States.



When Henningsen Cold Storage builds new facilities, the company often pushes the envelope in terms of storage height, weight capacity and speed. The company is continually looking for ways to increase productivity and improve safety within its cold storage environment. The company needed to determine the right forklift fleet for the new facility while maximizing the space in its freezer.


The Crown RM 6000 gave the company the advantage they needed. The truck’s MonoLift mast offers unsurpassed rigidity and can reach 505 inches and deliver up to 1,000 pounds more capacity at height. The truck is equipped with forks that travel upward at a pace of 160 feet per minute. Elevated load sway is minimized through the use of a closed cross-section mast construction. Operators experience significantly reduced mast sway and twisting resulting in more confidence, less time waiting for the mast to steady and more time moving loads. The RM 6000 with MonoLift mast offers the best in operator visibility and performance. With a clear window of visibility at height, eye level and ground level, operators can move loads efficiently while reducing the risk of damage to product, racks, and trucks.